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Saturday, August 8, 2009


The SQL*Loader environment

SQL*Loader (sqlldr) is an Oracle-supplied utility that allows you to load data from a flat file(external file) into one or more database tables.

To view the available command in sqlldr using help command

ORACLE:/home/oracle>sqlldr help=y
userid ORACLE username/password
control Control file name
log Log file name
bad Bad file name
data Data file name
discard Discard file name
discardmax Number of discards to allow
skip Number of logical records to skip
load Number of logical records to load
errors Number of errors to allow
rows Number of rows in conventional path bind array or between direct path data saves
bindsize Size of conventional path bind array in bytes
silent Suppress messages during run (header,feedback,errors,discards,partitions)
direct use direct path
_synchro internal testing
parfile parameter file: name of file that contains parameter specifications
parallel do parallel load
file File to allocate extents from
skip_unusable_indexes disallow/allow unusable indexes or index partitions
skip_index_maintenance do not maintain indexes, mark affected indexes as unusable
commit_discontinued commit loaded rows when load is discontinued
_display_exitcode Display exit code for SQL*Loader execution
readsize Size of Read buffer
external_table use external table for load; NOT_USED, GENERATE_ONLY, EXECUTE
columnarrayrows Number of rows for direct path column array
streamsize Size of direct path stream buffer in bytes
multithreading use multithreading in direct path
resumable enable or disable resumable for current session
resumable_name text string to help identify resumable statement
resumable_timeout wait time (in seconds) for RESUMABLE
date_cache size (in entries) of date conversion cache

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